Meredith Reveals Due Date for Fit Pregnancy and Baby

New magazine launching in February will have a rate base of 2 million.

In the lede of today’s press release, Meredith Corporation reminds that it serves ‘more than 100 million unduplicated American women.’ A few paragraphs later, the company states that its online Parents Network reaches a combined audience of ‘11.4 million unduplicated unique monthly visitors.’

The other key word here is millennial. In announcing the February 2016 launch of Fit Pregnancy and Baby, Meredith is hoping to add a few more unduplicated women from that bracket. The magazine will publish 11 times per year:

Fit Pregnancy and Baby will incorporate the best of American Baby magazine, with American Baby readers receiving the new and enhanced publication. Fit Pregnancy and Baby will have a continued rate base of 2 million and reach an estimated multi-platform audience of 8.4 million. Meredith will continue to publish American Baby products periodically and the brand will continue to live online.

Meredith’s announcement follows yesterday’s news of Romper, a new Bustle vertical aimed at millennial moms, as well as a whole range of recent Meredith activity including the launch of English-language magazine Parents Latina and acquisition of website

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.