Meredith’s CEO: ‘There is Potential’ for Time Warner Deal

The Time Inc. and Meredith merger that everyone was talking about (okay maybe just media junkies, but everything we discuss is very important!) is dead, but Stephen Lacy, Meredith’s CEO, isn’t giving up completely.

In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Lacy answered questions about the deal. He even admitted that Meredith had “salivated over those businesses [Time Inc.’s lifestyle mags] forever.” Below are some other interesting/less gross things Lacy had to say.

On the possibility of still doing a deal with Time Warner or Time Inc.:

There is potential there. We’d love the opportunity as their spinoff transaction progresses to see if there is something we could do together downstream.

How the talks got started:

They approached us with a belief that we’re the best-in-class operator and we have a lot of efficiencies we can bring to a major portfolio. The vast majority of that portfolio is directed at women, with some exceptions. Although we never got to match our databases, we have to have very similar customers in those same areas of passion that women care a lot about. There was a belief that there would be a way to co-market a lot of those products.

What he took away from the talks:

It was a great experience. It causes you to think a little bit about how big is big enough.