Messenger Launched Admin Privileges for Group Chats

Users can also now create group invite links

Admins can control who can join their group chats Facebook

Facebook Messenger introduced admin privileges for group chats, allowing users to better control who can join their group conversations.

With this release, admin users can turn on a new requests feature, giving them the ability to approve or deny each user who requests to join the group chat. For instance, an admin may wish to prevent certain users from automatically joining their party-planning group.

Group chat admins can also remove users from a group chat, promote other users to the admin status or demote other admins.

As this update rolls out, every user in a previously created group chat will automatically be given admin status. For all group chats created in the future, however, the group’s creator will be the only admin by default.

In addition to new admin privileges, another new Messenger feature allows anyone in a group chat to create a custom invite link that they can share with others to invite them to join the conversation. When a user clicks this link, they will either automatically be added to the group (if admin approval is turned off) or be added to the group’s requests area (if admin approval is turned on).

UPDATE: The same features were launched for Workplace Chat on Workplace by Facebook, the social network’s answer to Slack. More details are available here.