Messy Desks Are For PR Pros Too

Last week our colleague Mike Janssen found this video of FBN’s Charlie Gasparino saying “any reporter that has a neat desk isn’t a reporter.”

Last week members of the MyRagan forum for PR pros shared what objects were on their desks. We suspect that the responses, compiled by PRDaily are edited for hilarity value, but regardless, we’re amazed at some of the stuff on these desks:

Nancy, in PR, has on her desk “a green sequin bat and a rubber duck.” Ann in PR in Alabama has “astronaut stress toys” (Ann, you work here by any chance?). A Maureen confessed to keeping a Zhu-Zhu pet on her desk, a Chris admitted to having a toy Dalek from Dr. Who, and a Debbie in internal comms in Texas seems to want out: “Everything’s beachy in my cubby—seashells, sand, driftwood and photos of sailboats. I’ve bookmarked Webcams featuring the seashore and the wallpaper on my PC is a shot from Paradise Island.”

Donna went for the show-off item: “I have a hand-blown, glass, paperweight in a Tiffany-like style that I picked up last year in France. It’s from La Rochere Glass & Crystal Works, a family-run business since 1475.”

And a Jocelyn in Washington chose shock value: “A pair of squirrel underpants.”

Finally, what we all really wanted to hear in the first place: a marketing communications specialist named Jody named this: “Bottle of tequila and margarita mix in my cabinet. Every stressed-out person I work with knows where it is.”

Now that’s a desk.

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