Meteor Games' Ranch Town Lets You Farm And Mine For Gold

Meteor Games, the makers of hit social game Island Paradise, has announced their newest game entitled Ranch Town. The game feels very similar to Zynga’s number one game, Farmville, but has a few elements that set it apart, most notably the ability to mine for gold. The graphics and presentation are excellent, and we encourage you to give the game a shot and see if you enjoy it.

Meteor Games’ founders are the founders of NeoPets, and such all their games on Facebook so far have had high production values and cute, consisten themes. Ranch Town is no different, as players take on the farming model but play it with the theme of the Wild West.

“Long before founding Meteor Games, we were drawn to the idea of an old west-themed game experience with items and activities unique to that genre,” said Adam Powell, CEO and creative director, Meteor Games. “The allure of the Wild West resonates universally. Combining the unique setting with the familiar feel of Facebook’s social games, we are thrilled to finally make it happen. “

The game lets players start with a plot of land and a cow, and players slowly expand and build their farm as big as they can. The trick here is that there’s also the element of mining, where players also have the goal of attempting to mine for gold. In my short time with the game (it was just released today!), I found that I enjoyed the simplicity of the first set of tasks, and the game moved briskly. Meteor Games always have a way with interfaces, and the big, obvious text made it clear how I would milk my cow, sell the milk and gain gold.

Also interesting is their ad for Meteor Credits at the bottom of the game. You can buy these cards at Target and use the credits across three games. Very interesting stuff, and we discussed this when we interviewed Donna Powell, the co-founder of Meteor Games, a few weeks ago.

Also note that Donna will be speaking at the Social Gaming Summit in San Francisco on May 6th and 7th.