Metro, Madden, GameStop and more on this week’s top PTAT gainers among games and toys pages

The page for the THQ video game franchise, Metro, is this week’s top gainer among games and toys category. The page saw a huge increase for the week, with 874,094¬†people engaging with its page posts. The franchise has earned two of the top 10 spots on this week’s list with a user-created community page at No. 10.

The top 10 games and toys pages saw PTAT growth between 32,711 and 871,584 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth 
1   Metro (THQ) 874,094 +56,105 +871,584
2   EA SPORTS Madden NFL 348,888 +66,643 +153,307
3   GameStop 238,148 -21,996 +117,047
4   Hitman 73,073 +1,024 +72,100
5   Call of Duty: Black Ops 195,631 +4,152 +64,302
6   God of War 97,101 +4,507 +48,405
7   Cengiz Han 2 46,867 +4,640 +43,554
8   EA SPORTS NCAA Football 63,400 +3,619 +34,538
9   Zeed Vs Zombie 104,649 +1,361 +32,774
10   Metro 2033 32,965 0 +32,711

Metro’s huge jump in engagement is the result of a promotion last week. THQ offered free download codes for the PC version of the game in a page post which received over 12k likes. The page post has a clear call to action, encouraging users to share with their friends. With over 8.5k shares, the post has been able to go viral which is reflected in the page’s PTAT.

As it can be seen in the graph below, this promotion has¬†sharply increased both the page’s engagement and page Likes. As a result, THQ will have a much larger audience to market their next game as its release date draws closer.

Of the other top gaining pages, Madden continues to grow steadily as it makes use of questions and clear calls to action on page posts about the current NFL season. GameStop highlights its holiday in-store promotions and encourages discussion among the console gaming community. The Hitman franchise has seen growth as well, despite receiving backlash about a controversial social game released earlier this month.

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