Metropli App Makes Urban Reality a Game

Augmented reality games (or ARGs if you’re one of the cool kids) could very well transform how we see our world. By allowing us to use technology to interface with what is actually in front of us instead of concentrating on a display screen, ARGs transform the mundane into something new and exciting. Metropoli, a Kickstarter project that seeks to inject a touch of board game fun into the cityscapes we’ve grown so used to, is looking to get onto the cutting edge of ARGs with a simple but novel concept.

Metropoli is headed up by Brooklyn, NYC’s Deanna McDonald and uses Foursquare to transform “you [into] the game piece and your city [into] the board.” From there, players are able to take part in a Monopoly-styled game of property owning and management — all with the added thrill of using actual, geographic locations. Starting with New York City, McDonald and co. will be setting out to provide both Android and iOS support for users that want to game up the various international cities they live in.

In order to turn Metropoli‘s vision into (augmented) reality, McDonald is asking for $12,000 (of, I assume, non-Monopoly currency). This money will be used to pay programmers, set up and maintain the Metropli website and release the app. Aside from taking part in developing a seriously neat game, Kickstarter contributors will also receive in-game currency (“Metro Dollars”), beta invites, exclusive Foursquare icons, backer credits, posters and more.

For more info on the project head over to the game’s (currently pretty scanty) website. Metropoli will be funded on Wednesday, October 26th at 8.02pm EST if it reaches its $12,000 goal on time.

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