Mexico Led, But Brazil Gained as Facebook Growth Accelerated For Latin America in March

Mexico once again led the pack in growth on Facebook in the month of March. Our numbers from February showed the country gaining 920,900 new users, and the rate has hardly diminished at all this month with an impressive 885,400 new monthly active users joining in March, according to the latest Facebook Global Monitor data from Inside Facebook Gold.

But the real star in March was Brazil, which broke out with 14.7 percent growth in its user base, adding 463,080 new users, some 179,400 more than in February . Fewer than two percent of Brazil’s population is currently on Facebook, but its growth appears to be accelerating — potentially bad news for Google’s Orkut, which is dominant only in Brazil and India.

Argentina also grew much more strongly in March. Unlike Brazil, though, Argentina has a high proportion of internet users — 22.3 percent, to be exact. Only Chile, which gained several times as many users in March than in February, has a higher penetration in the region, at 37.2 percent.

On the whole, every country within the Latin American region, including the Caribbean, either maintained or increased its previous-month growth. We’ve broken out the top 10 below:

Latin America now has over 50 million users out of its total population of over 400 million (including Mexico and the Carribean). That gives it a penetration of around 10 percent, which is expected to nearly double over the coming year. Note that this data comes from our Global Monitor report, which provides in-depth info on 98 countries, but its original source is Facebook itself, which often runs on a delay of several weeks.