Mibi Launches Social Challenges App on iOS

The app allows users to create and complete competitive or goal-based challenges with other users.

Mibi has announced the launch of its self-titled app on iOS devices, which allows users to create competitive or goal-based challenges that can be shared with friends or the world. The app looks to offer a new way for brands to interact with consumers, as Orbitz.com, Spartan, Theory and Drizly have signed on as launch partners to create sponsored challenges for the platform.

With Mibi, users can browse and join existing challenges across a variety of categories, based on topics like fitness, cooking, entertainment, pets and more. Users can also browse popular challenges across all categories. The app allows users to connect to Facebook and invite their friends to complete challenges with them.

Challenges can be simple, asking users to do things like read one book in October or post the best movie quote (as determined by the number of ‘likes’ posted by the community), or more difficult, like those asking users to take a picture with a celebrity or complete the longest plank exercise, as examples.

For branded opportunities, Orbitz asks users to share their best vacation moment photo or video for a chance to win two roundtrip plane tickets for anywhere in the Continental U.S. or Canada. Spartan, meanwhile, gives Mibi users a 20 percent discount to enter any U.S. Spartan Race, and so on.


In addition to browsing existing challenges, users can create their own, choosing either a competitive or goal-based experience for themselves and other users to complete within a set time frame. Users can choose from multiple privacy settings for their challenge, which may block other users from joining challenges, or even seeing them, unless they’ve been invited (depending on the option).

Even without joining challenges, users can browse the results for active challenges, and post likes or comments on each submission. Users can follow others to keep track of their posts on the app’s home feed.

In a statement, Andrew Fabian, CEO of Mibi, commented:

Mibi challenges bring inspiration, excitement and accomplishment to your activities. Our beta users call it posting with a purpose. Mibi is all about challenges you should do and the things you wouldn’t even have imagined doing. One day you’re doing a green juice cleanse challenge, the next day you’re battling to eat the most hot wings and then all of a sudden you’re challenged to pass the FBI’s fitness test for field agents. It’s a fun, wild ride. Everyone loves a challenge!

Mibi is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app connects to devices from Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone, as well as the iPhone Health app, allowing users to sync their fitness data into any related challenges.

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