Mic Breaks Up With Relationships Vertical

Millennials site swipes left on Connections.

On Aug. 27, Elisabeth J. Dickson got married. On Sept. 1, without warning, she was laid off from Mic. Not exactly the immediate future this pregnant bride and sex-relationships editor was planning for.

Dickson holds a Master’s in journalism from NYU; her mother-in-law, Ruth La Ferla, writes for The New York Times. Chances are she will land on her feet. Still, sympathy is being expressed on social media about the untimely dismissal, which follows the firing of Seventeen editor Michelle Tan while on maternity leave.

Politico’s Peter Sterne broke the news of Dickson’s dismissal via Twitter, interrupting his vacation in Iceland. Colleague Kelsey M. Sutton followed with a brief statement from Mic:

Mic will be shutting down its Connections section. Content related to relationships will be folded into News, Culture (Music, Arts, Style) and Identities verticals thereafter. Today’ staffing decision was solely based on a change in editorial direction.

Laid off along with Dickson: writers Leigh Cuen and Nicolas DiDomizio.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.