Michael Barbaro Is Hosting a New M-F Audio Show for The New York Times

The Times continues to expand its audio offerings

The final three months of the election provided New York Times’ Michael Barbaro with a two-day-a-week gig as podcast host of The Run-Up, the Times’ look at the election’s finale.

He’s back on the audio circuit with a new M-F podcast called The Daily, although Barbaro isn’t calling it that. “It isn’t quite a podcast — although you can listen wherever you listen to podcasts,” he writes. “It isn’t quite the radio — although the mechanics are largely the same. It isn’t quite the newspaper — although we’ll be drawing heavily on the journalism that powers The New York Times.”

The experience will last for 15-20 minutes each day, in an early-morning program featuring all the news that fits into 2-4 different segments. He’ll also be texting on behalf of The Daily, if that’s how you prefer to get your news.

The show debuts Wednesday, with the recently hired Theo Balcomb, formerly of NPR’s All Things Considered, as senior producer. It will be available on the Times’ digital site, on mobile, podcasting apps, as well as, for the first time, on Alexa and Google Home devices.

BMW is the official sponsor of The Daily. BMW’s ad experience will focus on the BMW 5 Series sedan. Its spots will appear in each episode of The Daily, Flex Frame ads across The Times’s digital platforms and a presence throughout Michael’s daily SMS messages.