Michael Bloomberg is Richer Than You and Has Lots of Nice Things

Are you ready to be shocked? The mansions owned by Michael Bloomberg are filled with lots of expensive stuff. Crazy, right? Jamie Drake, the interior decorator for Bloomberg, apparently had unlabeled pictures of our dictator’s houses (one on East 79th Street and one in London) on his website for awhile, and the New York Times got a look at them before he took them down.

Here’s a little of what was in Bloomberg’s Upper East Side lair:

In the New York town house, the photos show that visitors are greeted by what appeared to be, in the eyes of one antiques dealer, a Dutch old master painting, an English Regency table that could be worth $90,000 and sconces that could go for $40,000 each. In another room sits what the dealer said was a $1 million Georgian Chippendale couch beneath what appeared to be an 18th-century portrait by a prominent painter like Joshua Reynolds or Thomas Gainsborough, which might be worth $450,000. Throughout the house are more sconces and chandeliers valued in the five or six figures, the dealer said.

Wow. If Bloomberg has candle holders that cost $90,000, what kind of candles do you think he has in them? We’re thinking Vanilla Cupcake for normal days and Mountain Lodge when he’s trying to impress guests. At least that’s what we’d do.

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