Michael Jackson’s Kids Monkey Around On YouTube

When Michael Jackson died we lost the King of Pop, but we were introduced to his kids, Paris, Prince and Blanket. In life, Michael did his best to keep his children hidden from the public eye. However, you can now catch a glimpse of them on the web. Several clips featuring Paris and Blanket Jackson are circulating YouTube, showing fans that even the children of celebs are really just kids at heart.

According to E! Online, there are nine webcam-captured clips of the Jackson kids on YouTube so far. Two are of Paris and seven are of blanket. A source close to the Jackson family confirmed that the clips are real, although nobody knows who leaked them to YouTube.

The most popular clips include Paris dancing and lip sync rapping along to a song by Jackson family friend Omer Bhatti, Paris saying the phrase “Monkey, please help?” during an iChat webcam conversation, and Blanket acting out a scene from Star Wars. The videos were uploaded over the past week and are quickly catching on. With the exposure Paris and Blanket are getting from these clips, it will be interesting to see if we’ll see more of them in the future. They both look like they love the spotlight. Do you think Michael’s kids will follow in his footsteps to fame in the performing arts?

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