A New York Freelance Journalist’s Tale of Woe

Michael Luongo pens a heartfelt essay for Guardian US.

Think you have it bad? Any problems will likely fade into the fall sunset once you read Michael Luongo’s piece in Guardian US.

Luongo, an award-winning freelance journalist and photographer, details his mistreatment by editors as well as a series of recent medical mishaps that have spiraled him into debt. He incurred the first of two major injuries around this time a few years ago:

In 2014, I was beaten unconscious on New York’s 6th Avenue, while photographing the Halloween Parade. I had a concussion and muscular and nerve pain in my neck, shoulders, arms and other areas. This severely restricted my ability to work while my body healed.

I renegotiated a deadline with an editor, but then she suggested giving my work to another writer. I quickly realized that telling editors about my injuries would leave me impoverished. Ironically, my parade photos received a New York Press Association journalism award.

On the plus side, Luongo has maintained perfect credit and owns his apartment. He reveals that he will take out a lower-interest loan using the apartment as collateral to pay off his accumulated credit card debt.

Screen grab via: michaelluongo.com

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