Michael Musto Joins Movieline

The Village Voice‘s “La Dolce Musto” columnist Michael Musto will be contributing to Movieline, reanimating its “Hollywood Kids” feature as a single “Hollywood Kid.”

Musto’s video column plays like a conversation with a friend, except that friend is much funnier and better-connected and crafts far better fisting jokes than you do. Musto’s laughter and, often enough, his disdain for movies and actors (like Jennifer Aniston – but who’d blame him?) bubbles right below the surface of his reviews… And it’s pretty refreshing as it’s not snarky (ugh) so much as honest. Oh and don’t worry – Musto isn’t leaving the Village Voice.

In fact, Musto seems to be everywhere lately, from occasionally serving as a talking head on TV shows to being profiled by The Awl in an article that revealed Musto, like many in media, has a desk littered with donuts and letters from prison.

Check out his latest column for Movieline “the movies you like to hate… and also the movies you love to hate.”

Bruce Villanche, Blacktresses, and Bears. Oh my.