Scottie Pippen Mixes It Up With the Media Mob & Does Rosie Have a New Lady Love?

Things have been pretty busy at Michael’s this week. On Monday, none other than James Bond aka Daniel Craig dropped by. (“His eyes are so blue!” cooed one smitten staffer). Yesterday, a very laid back Rosie O’Donnell showed up with, so we’re told, a new lady love in tow, and they didn’t¬†have to wait for one of the coveted tables at the very front of the restaurant. They settled for something further back. Today, the usual Wednesday SRO crowd started showing up well before the appointed lunch hour, leaving plenty of time for air kissing and glad handing all around.

I was joined today by Lisa Sharkey, HarperCollins’s senior vice president and director of creative development. Lisa is one hot property herself having spent 25 years in television including¬†stints at Good Morning America, Inside Edition and Al Roker’s production company before making the switch to publishing four and a half years ago. “The skills were totally transferable.¬†I wanted to bring the TV model to books. I love authors. When I was in television, I was always drawn to them. Now, I consider my¬†authors part of my family and have¬†great relationships with them,” Lisa tells me. “I’m much happier in book publishing because there is more time to spend on a projects.¬†Books have the power to last for generations.” Now, anyone who is anyone — or who wants to be someone — is after Lisa to publish their books. This season, Lisa had no less than four books on the New York Times best seller list, including How to Love an American Man (currently being shopped as a film project by United Talent Agency), football phenom¬†Tim Tebow‘s Through My Eyes, and soap opera diva Susan Lucci’s memoir, ¬†All My Life (We really loved the scathing epilogue she added to the paperback edition taking ABC president Brian Frons to the woodshed for cancelling the beloved soap, All My Children. Go Susan!)

Lisa has a full slate of upcoming books where there is something for everyone. Later this month, actress Carre Otis‘ no-holds barred¬†memoir, Beauty¬†Disrupted, will tell all about her relationship with Mickey Rourke.¬†Due out in November, Imperfect Justice by Jeffrey Ashton is sure to make headlines when the Casey Anthony prosecutor offers his version of what happened behind the scenes of her trial and why is he completely convinced of Anthony’s guilt. “The prosecutor’s story is¬†the real story of the trial. He’s got a lot to say,” says Lisa. No doubt.¬† On the other end of the spectrum, HarperCollins has a slew of celebrity¬†titles this fall including the first novel penned by those ubiquitous Kardashian sisters, which was Lisa’s idea. The book, due out November 15,¬†spins a fictional (but no doubt inspired by real life) tale of three sisters growing up with a famous father in Hollywood. “The fun is trying to figure out what’s real disguised as fiction,” says Lisa. There was quite a fracas¬†coming up with a title. Lisa wanted to call it Keeping Up but, she told me,¬†the powers that be at E! put the kibosh on the idea saying that was their brand. Lisa then came up with the idea of launching a contest on Twitter asking followers to come up with their own titles. The winning entry, Dollhouse, was submitted by a gal named Courtney who will herself be written into the book as a wedding planner. Savvy Lisa, who is always coming up with clever ways to market¬†her books,¬†decided the cover will be in leopard print and is¬†hoping to do a special edition adorned with Swarovski crystal (“Kim loves bling!”). The sisters’ fans can also turn the cover over for a special keepsake poster that is sure to find its way into plenty of teen bedrooms.

As for the general state of the industry, Lisa weighs in with this: “Publishing is in a new transformative stage. The new wave of eBooks has opened up a world of possibilities. For those who are addicted to technology and books, it’s the perfect fit.” ¬†To wit:¬†HarperCollins’ eBook version of Sammy Hagar‘s best selling memoir, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock, featured enhanced content that included a sit-down with Hagar talking about his career at the end of each chapter. Lisa and her team expect the eBook version of Gregg Allman‘s yet-to-be-titled memoir due out next year to have a wide range of enhanced content. By the way, I got a glimpse of the book’s stunning cover and it has best seller written all over it.

Here’s the rundown on today’s crowd:

1. Fashionista Mickey Ateyeh with an impressive crowd of power lunch gals: producer Fran Weissler, Fern Mallis (looking fabulous since being on the mend from two broken elbows), Cindy Lewis, Barbara Cutler and Laurie Tisch

2. Six-time¬†NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls,¬†Scottie Pippen, with PR gal Tammy Brooks and some other lovely looking ladies we didn’t get to meet.

3. Proprietor Michael McCarty holding court with Mort Hamburg (Nice to meet you!) and another formidable looking fellow

4. Peter Brown with the very chic Judith Czelusniak.
5.¬† The always dapper Stan Shumanwith a distinguished bespectacled gent we didn’t recognize

6. Most of ‘The Imber Gang;’ Dr. Gerald Imber, Jerry Della Femina, Jeff Greenfield (Long time no see!) and Andy Bergman

7. Lisa Sharkey and yours truly

8. New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia (who stopped by our table to say hello) with Liz Peek

11. Former William Morris head Jim Wiatt

12. Martin Gatins

14. Tom Cruise‘s producing partner Paula Wagner (in sunglasses!), who was overheard saying, “The movie is going to be great!” (We can only assume she’s talking about Tom’s latest, Rock of Ages)

16. Discovery ID’s main man, Henry Schleiff

17. A vision in black and white: Hearst’s high priestess of¬† PR, Deb Shriver

18. Patriarch Partners’¬†Randy Jones. Our sincere condolences to you on¬† your mother’s recent passing.

20. Wowowow’s Joni Evans

21.¬†Scalamandre’s president Steven Stolman (Happy Birthday!) ¬†and Charles Crittenden

23. HGTV’s David Matlin

24. Elle Decor‘s Barbara Friedmann

25. PR guru Tom Goodman and TV Guide’s Jack Kliger.¬† There were some big doings at Tom’s office this week. A production crew of 80 (!) shot a scene for The Good Wife with Julianna Margulies in his company’s swanky midtown digs. We’ve got to get over there one of these days and check out what all the fuss is about. You might recall, some months ago, we reported that some scenes from HBO’s Too Big to Fail were also filmed there.

26. Donna Soloway

27. Sotheby’s Jamie Niven with Leonard Lauder

28.¬† Page Six’s Tara Palmeri (Great chatting with you!) and Hampton Carney

29. The Wall Street Journal‘s David Sanford (Thanks for the kind words about the column!) and Lewis Stein

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