Michel Martin’s All Things Considered Debut

The program's new weekend host is shaking things up.

This weekend Michel Martin will host her inaugural episode of All Things Considered.

Martin’s host position was announced back in July, when NPR reported that All Things Considered host Melissa Block would be leaving the program. Martin is one of three new hosts joining the All Things Considered family: Ari Shapiro and Kelly McEvers joined as weekday hosts in September.

NPR promises that the new version of the weekend program will introduce new segments and will embrace the fairly sad reality of the “new weekend.”

“For many people, Saturday isn’t a time to relax and unwind, but a day of work,” says the program’s new executive producer Kenya Young. “They’re catching up errands, on the news of the week and moving through everyday life. Our program will reflect that and also lay the foundation for a more introspective Sunday vibe.”

Sunday’s “vibe” will be a more relaxed forum for storytelling and conversations on faith and ideas. Martin will also bring some of her signature segments to the Sunday show, including ‘The Barbershop’ roundtable and her ‘Can I Just Tell You?’ commentary.

Martin, who spent the last year traveling around the country hosting her live series Michel Martin: Going There, intends to bring the lessons she’s learned on the road to the All Things Considered audience.

“I am very excited,” says Martin. “All Things Considered on the weekend has a strong tradition and legacy. Of course, we will be building on that. We’ve met a lot of great people over the course of the year; we’ve been hearing new ideas and perspectives in our travels, and will bring those across the country and to our listeners, too.”

Martin’s first episode of All Things Considered will premiere on Oct. 3. The second season of Michel Martin: Going There will begin on Nov. 10.


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