Michelin Man Looking To Gain Traction On Facebook

Tire manufacturer Michelin has enlisted ad agency, TBWA, to help create a new Facebook campaign around the venerable Michelin Man. The company is initially focusing on the US market, with plans to expand worldwide into more than 50 countries.

TBWA was tasked with creating a new campaign centered around the new Michelin slogan, “The right rite changes everything.” There is also an apparent push to create a new image for the beloved mascot, and it seems that it may have something to do with creating a super hero persona.

The first commercial in the new campaign, which can be viewed on the Facebook page, is pushing the Energy Saver line of tires, with the Michelin Man battling an evil gas pump. Two other television commercials are teased on the Michelin site for two other lines. The commercial is also available on the Michelin Man’s new YouTube page, which was also created by TBWA.

The page gives fans the ability to post comments to the wall, add their own photos and view videos about tire care and the most recent Michelin commercials and ads. More than 1,100 Facebook users have become fans of the Michelin Man since the page was created last week.

That’s on okay start, considering the reaction we’ve seen in the past to companies creating pages for lovable mascots. Leveraging the existing popularity of those mascots, such as the Aflac Duck, has proven to be an effective way to help build a following to spread brand messaging.

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