Malkin Wins Breitbart Award

The Heritage Foundation and the Franklin Center awarded the 2nd annual Breitbart Award to blogger Michelle Malkin at a ceremony in Orland Thursday night. It probably helped that Malkin was also the keynote speaker at the event. It’s an award given to a journalist who best represents the ideals of the late Andrew Breitbart.

While I’m SURE it’s prestigious award and not to take anything away from Ms. Malkin’s accolade, it does seems there are a hell of a lot of awards out there these days. And it gives me an idea. 

I am hereby announcing the creation of the annual FishbowlDC Award, which is given to a journo who best exemplifies the spirit of FishbowlDC. For our inaugural award, it’s fitting that we give it to a gentleman who has given time and time again to journalism. He has maintained his professional manner throughout coverage of last year’s WHCD and various SCOTUS cases. That man is Eddie Scarry. Eddie wasn’t afraid to explore uncharted territory during last year’s WHCD in this brave piece on big butts, a nod to a notable attendee, Kim Kardashian. He’s also unafraid to chat up “garlic-scented” journalists.

What will happen this year? So far, it’s a mystery.

But Eddie, whatever happens, we salute you.



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