Microsoft Is Not Bringing Courier To Market

Back in March I wrote that I thought the Courier tablet that Microsoft was rumored to be developing should be thought of like concept cars. Today Microsoft affirmed my opinion by publicly saying that they are no longer working on Courier and it will not be brought to market. The Courier concept was a dual screen tablet computer that caught the imagination of the Internet community when videos of it were found. The Courier uses a book metaphor, with the each of the two screens being in place of the pages of a book. I suspect that the concept proved to be too difficult turn into a product that could be sold at a sub $1000 price point, which we now expect for mobile computers, whether they are tablets or netbooks. Folks who had their heart set on buying a Courier might see parts of it appear in other products some time in the future, just as the automobile companies often incorporate parts of their concept cars in to actual products.