Microsoft Slow Flash-Heavy Site

Microsoft’s Kin is not a Windows Phone 7 device. It appears to be the successor to the Danger Sidekick that Microsoft purchase a while back and is aimed at the teen and early-20s market. While I’m not in their target demographic, as someone interested in mobile technology, I took a look at the new product site:

Ironically, the site is build using Adobe Flash instead of Microsoft’s own Silverlight technology. And, as with many Flash sites, it took forever to load. After the Flash status bar finished its 0 to 100% load countdown, I was faced with the sparse web page seen above. I look at it for a couple of minutes and then launched another browser (Firefox instead of Chrome) to check if I was looking at a browser problem. After what seemed like a couple of minutes, the original web page (in Chrome) started to render again and morphed into this page below:

If you’d like to see a faster loading non-Flash website, you might want to visit Kin’s mobile friend site instead. It is found at:

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