Microsoft Office 15 Aims For Facebook Integration

Microsoft wants to integrate Facebook into the forthcoming Office 15, according to an engineering job posting on the software giant's website.

Microsoft wants the next version of its Office productivity suite to include Facebook integration.

An engineering job posting on Microsoft’s website notes, “For Office 15 we’re building new products to deliver integration of instant messaging/presence with social networks such as Facebook.” A full copy of the ad appears below this post.

Some might consider Facebook integration to contradict the very notion of office productivity, but if anything Office would follow in the footsteps of other business applications. Customer relationship management packages have been moving toward social media, with a view toward reaching people wherever they are online.

The integration could simply include messaging or chat, like ZDNet suggests in its headline about Office 15. However, that might be only one of several interfaces. Microsoft Front Page, and possibly Word, could have an option to upload pages to Facebook; Outlook could synchronize with Facebook’s new messages platform; and, of course, Microsoft Messenger could tap into Facebook chat.

What do you expect to see in the integration of Facebook within Microsoft Office 15?