Microsoft Releases Office Mobile 2010

Today Microsoft released Office Mobile 2010 along with the release of Office 2010 for organizations. While consumers will not be able to get the desktop version until next month, those owning phones running Windows Mobile 6.5 can download and install Office Mobile 2010 from the Windows Phone Marketplace. I installed Office Mobile 2010 on a HTC Snap, which is a non-touchscreen phone, and it installed without a problem. I did find, however, that the installation took up 8.46 MB of storage on my phone, so keep that in mind when considering installing it on your phone.

Office Mobile 2010 includes mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, which have been part of previous versions of Office Mobile, and SharePoint Mobile, which is new. Unfortunately, SharePoint Mobile does not appear to install on non-touchscreen phones. Frankly, I did not find all that much new for me in Office Mobile 2010. One new feature that I do think is interesting is an enhancement to PowerPoint Mobile that enables it to work with the desktop version of PowerPoint via Bluetooth to make the phone act as a second monitor. It can be useful to see your slides and notes on a phone while giving a presentation.

I suspect there may be improvements to Office Mobile 2010 that I am just not seeing because I do not have a touchscreen phone. The upgrade is free, so if you have a phone running Windows Mobile 6.5 that has enough available storage space, I see no reason why you shouldn’t install it.

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