Microsoft Researchers Made a Smart Bra to Help Women Prevent Overeating

Overeating, or stress-binging, might seem like a common problem, but who would have thought to solve the problem by stalling activity sensors, EKG readers, accelerometers, and gyroscopes into bras? If you are a lover of food and bra wearer, you’re probably just as confused as I am, but it’s not a parody.

According to Mary Czerwinski, cognitive psychologist and senior researcher at Microsoft, bras are perfect wearables for detecting stress – because you know, it’s close to the heart. With the right technology implanted into the stress-busters, they can send data to a smartphone app to help you understand your moods and potentially aid in preventing stress eating.

Whether you need the emotional support from your boob support is another matter. Psychologist Gudrun Sproesser told Discovery News that people who overeat when stressed compensates for this by eating much less when in positive moods. Those who never overate for stress actually ate more when happy.

His advice: “The message should be that people shouldn’t think too much about their eating.”


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