Microsoft Steady As She Goes With Windows Phone

All of the uncertainty in the smartphone market has been beneficial to Microsoft, who is steadily working to make Windows Phone a viable option. HP’s retreat from the market took a competitor out of the running for the coveted third position, RIM seems to be having all sorts of problems determining how it wants to compete, and the patent lawsuits have put a cloud over Android. Meanwhile, Microsoft is preparing to launch the first major update to Windows Phone since it launched last year.

HTC recently announced their two new phones that they are providing to run the new version of Windows Phone, code named Mango. The HTC Titan sports a 4.7 inch screen, which is larger than the phones currently on the market, yet the phone’s physical dimensions are the same as the current HD7. The HTC Radar is smaller, sporting a 3.8 inch screen, and in my opinion it appears to be based on the same body as the HTC Nexus One, which is still one of my favorite phones.

The announcements by HTC are the first in what I am sure will be further announcements leading up to the launch of Mango, which I expect to occur in late October. Samsung and LG are also expected to be announcing their Mango phones some time this month.

Of course, everyone is interested in seeing what the first Windows Phones from Nokia will look like. Nokia is expected to announce their Windows Phones during their annual conference, Nokia World 2011, to be held in October. Previously Microsoft and Nokia have stated that the first Nokia Windows Phones will not ship until 2012.

I am seeing a reasonable amount of positive vibe around Windows Phone, due to the improvements Microsoft is bringing to the operating system and the new hardware. Clearly Microsoft has a lot of work ahead to gain market share on Google and Apple, but the company appears to be staying the course on an upward path, which means that Apple and Google need to not rest on their laurels.

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