Microsoft Windows Live Messenger for iPhone Launching in June Just in Time for iPhone OS 4 & Multitasking

Is anyone still using Instant Messaging (IM) services like Yahoo! Messenger and Live Messenger? If your answer is yes and you have an iPhone, this scoop from will be exciting for you:

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone unveiled

Don’t get too excited just yet though. It is not expected to launch until June with the rest of “Windows Live Wave 4” (Wave == release cycle/group). This is good timing since iPhone OS 4.0 with its multitasking ability and the 4th generation iPhone are said to be looking at a June 22 release date (not confirmed).

I’d be much more interested if it turns out Live Messenger for iPhone also works with Office Communicator, Microsoft’s business IM product (which I use daily).

Wouldn’t it be ironic if iPhone OS 4.0 revives interest in Microsoft Live Messenger and IM in general?