Microsoft's Marketing Of Kin

As I wrote in my post on Microsoft’s announcement, the Kin is targeted at a very specific market who are heavy users of social networks. If you are going to market a product to those type of users, it probably won’t make sense to buy a bunch of television ads. Instead, you want to market to them on the social networks they use, which is what Microsoft is doing via the Kin Facebook fan page.

On the fan page you will see a tab for The Journey, which is a series of videos Microsoft is posting chronicling Rosa, a Kin user, as she travels across the country to meet her social network friends in person. The videos can also be seen on the Kin YouTube channel. While the videos feature a good amount of Kin product placement, I found the first episode actually provides some content worth watching as Rosa explains her perceptions of one of her Facebook friends who she has never met in person. If you don’t understand why people spend so much time on social networks, and you are willing to listen to someone else’s point of view, and tolerate some not-so-hidden advertising, I think the videos are worth watching.

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