Microvision SHOWWX Laser Pico Projectors Works Fine with iPhone & iPad (Keynote too)!

An old friend dropped by my office last week and loaned me one of the new $550

Microvision SHOWWX

Laser Pico Projectors. This projector is barely bigger than an iPhone. It comes with a cable with an iPhone connector on one end and a micro-USB connector on the other (for the projector). The projector has a built-in rechargable (through USB) battery. I tested it with both an iPhone 3G and an iPad and am happy to report that it works fine with both devices.

As you can see in the photo above, Keynote for iPad works fine with the projector. The iPad (below) shows the presenters view while the slide itself is show from the projector.

I was also able to project video from the iPad’s YouTube app as you can see in the photo above.

In the video above you can see a quick test of the projector under a couple of different lighting conditions. I tested it on my office kitchen. The projector’s video is difficult to see with the room lights on. Turning off the lights with the door open makes it a bit easier to see. And, closing the door (but still having ambient light streaming through a small window) helps make for a much better viewing situation.

The projection size is quite good considering the short throw distance I used for all the tests (just a few feet). And, the projector did a very good job of adusting the image into a reasonable rectangle despite the variety of angles that projector was at during my tests (none of them were parallel to the floor).

I tested the SHOWWX with the following iPhone/iPad apps:

– Keynote
– Photos (slideshow only)
– YouTube
– Videos (movies, TV, etc.)

It is a bit pricey. However, if you want to keep your traveling space and weight down low, combining this with an iPhone or iPad gives you a minimalist presentation kit that works (if it is dark enough).