Mid-week iPad App Updates: 5 Apps Updated Including BugMe!, Evernote & eWallet

I usually install all of the past week’s iPhone app updates over the weekend, read through the changes, and report interesting items in my Monday morning app update list. I’ve been doing this here for about a year and half now. However, as I’ve said before, the iPad is a game changer. And, it is causing me to bend this practice a bit. There were 5 iPad app updates in my queue as of last night. And, three of the five were really important to me. So, I decided to update all the apps mid-week. Here’s what I updated:

1. Wikipanion for iPad 1.6a

2. BugMe! Sticky Notes & Alarm 1.03: Alarmed notes support has been added with this update! Yay!

3. AccuWeather.com Cirrus Free 1.3

4. Evernote 3.3.2: Full screen note viewing on the iPad. Geo-tagging fixed. Syncing issues fixed. Sync sped up. Improvements to the audio recorder

5. eWallet 7.1.2: Open wallet sent as email attachment. Backup/Restore option via email

As you might guess, the updates for BugMe!, Evernote, and eWallet were the causes for my mid-week iPad app updates. I’m looking forward to exercising these apps over the next few days.