Politico’s Mike Allen In 7 Seconds

Regular viewers of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” are often treated to a healthy, peppy dose of Politico‘s Mike Allen. His Playbook segment airs for approximately five minutes as he rattles off his enthusiastic take on current happenings in Washington.

Take that five minutes and imagine what it would be like condensed into a seven second video clip. The closest thing to that in real life is a Vine clip produced Thursday by Politico‘s video producer Alexander Trowbridge.

After Allen hosted a Q&A with White House aide Dan Pfeiffer, Trowbridge got a behind-the-scenes clip of Allen reciting the “best line” from the interview. Vine is a social media platform in which users can publish and share short videos.

“Best line from Playbook Breakfast this morning,” Allen says, staring into the camera with his classically caffeinated eyes. “Dan Pfeiffer says ‘take the job for what it is, not for the next one you want.'”

And it loops over and over and over again. Truly mesmerizing.

“We’ve been playing around with Vine as a way to give our readers a quick look into the Politico newsroom, talking to our reporters- in just 6secs!- about stories driving the conversation,” Senior Video Producer Christine Delargytold FBDC. “We’ve just been deciding day to day on what and who to Vine based on what’s of most interest to our audience on site and social media.”

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