Mike Fleming Crosses Woody Allen Off His Bucket List

By means of 7,000+ glorious words.

ShutterstockWoodyAllenCannes2010At the end of Mike Fleming’s wide-ranging conversation with Woody Allen, published just ahead of the premiere Friday in Cannes of the prolific artist’s 46th directorial effort, the Deadline co-EIC tries to cheer up the writer-director. Allen at that point has just bemoaned how his eternally hopeful artistic expectations are regularly defeated by his finished films.

DEADLINE: Well, if it’s any consolation, this interview takes one item off my bucket list.

ALLEN: I’m 79. You got it in, just under the wire.

Once a comedian, always a comedian. After more than 7,000 transcribed Deadline words, covering everything from why The Woodman won’t be making a film in Albuquerque to his new level of Amazon angst, Allen ends up right where he usually does: delivering a memorable punchline.

Fleming sat down with Allen at the filmmaker’s New York office, a ramshackle conversion of an old bridge club. It’s one of the best interviews Allen has done in some time. The way the writer-director talks about everything, from his Irrational Man star Joaquin Phoenix to the idea of films “competing” against each other in a place likes Cannes, suggests he responded unusually well to Fleming as an interviewer.

Irrational Man premieres Friday, out of competition.

[Photo of Allen at 2010 Cannes Film Festival: Cinemafestival/Shutterstock.com]

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