Miller64 Debuts Web Series Featuring Pro Athletes

Alloy Digital/DBG's 'The Sub' features Terrell Owens, Gary Payton, others

To promote its vision of balancing work and play, Miller64 has rolled out a Web video series called The Sub, in which professional athletes lend a hand to underdog recreational sports teams so they can beat their rivals.

The five-episode series, produced by Alloy Digital's recently acquired DBG, covers flag football, basketball, beach volleyball, soccer and softball. In the first installment, the flag football team Bingo Bango Bongo faces its rival, TBD. But Bingo Bango Bongo's quarterback, James, pulls a muscle mid-game. The team is despondent.

But fear not, players,  former NFL great Terrell Owens happens to be available to help out. In the end, Bingo Bango Bongo beats TBD, but it's not a blowout. Everyone shakes hands and enjoys a few Miller64s, of course.

"Miller64 is a brand about living a lifestyle of balance, not being all work and no play," explained brand manager Elaine Obergfell. But the beer, with its 64 calories, is the brand that won't undue a drinker's efforts to stay healthy, she added.

The series is also part of a larger initiative from Miller64, which the company has dubbed "Go 64"—the campaign embodies that lifestyle of balance, Obergfell said.

As for the product placement in the series, Obergfell said the company wanted it to feel natural. She noted that recreational sports teams often go out for drinks after a game, so offering Miller64 after a match didn't seem out of place.

"We didn't want to try to force the brand in where it didn't make sense," she said.

The five episodes are all about four to five minutes in length, and Sonic great Gary Payton, Jennifer Kessy, David Justice and Brandi Chastain are the other athletes to appear. Miller is using its social feeds and summer website to promote The Sub.

Watch the first episode of The Sub below:

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