Millions of Hosted Blogs Are Now Mobile Friendly by Default

A frequent topic of mine this time last year was “mobile friendly websites”. These were generally mainstream well-known websites that had recently started detecting mobile device browsers and provided a version of their site that rendered better on mobile devices. I rarely write about this topic now because most of the sites I frequent either have provided a mobile friendly view for months or have provided a custom iPhone app for its mobile face.

My personal blogs are not exactly well-known sites. But, I’ve been annoyed that the WordPress plugin I had used for a year or two stopped working some months ago. While reading this item in ReadWriteWeb…

Blogs on the Go: Goes Mobile

I read that blogs hosted directly on now have a mobile theme turned on by default. My personal blogs aren’t hosted on, but the article mentioned a plug-in I had not heard of previous: WPTouch. I installed it on my self-hosted WordPress blog and you can see the result in the screenshot above. So, a guy who writes about mobile technology all the time finally has a personal blog that is mobile friendly again.