MindJolt Leads a Pack of Newer Games on This Week’s List of Fastest Facebook Gainers by DAU

This week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users is our first list in a week, due to Facebook’s monthly active user stats having been down for some 13 days. However, DAU is still being reported.

MindJolt Games leads off the list with a whopping 15 percent increase in DAU over a single week, pushing its DAU count ahead of games like Social City and Country Life. In the past, MindJolt has had a relatively low DAU as a percentage of MAU, at least compared to other game apps, but that seems to be gradually changing.

Here’s the full AppData list of 20 games:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. MindJolt Games 2,482,408 +323,180 +14.97
2. Ninja Saga 1,079,620 +259,194 +31.59
3. Nightclub City 588,109 +73,683 +14.32
4. Kingdoms of Camelot 636,047 +62,230 +10.84
5. My Empire 99,675 +58,927 +144.61
6. Baking Life 136,086 +56,532 +71.06
7. Family Feud 1,378,028 +53,031 +4.00
8. The Agency: Covert Ops 48,851 +43,534 +818.77
9. Jumping Dog 74,614 +40,465 +118.50
10. Ameba Pico 121,113 +35,779 +41.93
11. Pool Master 145,637 +32,501 +28.73
12. Wild Ones 449,141 +25,489 +6.02
13. 瘋狂診 所 46,753 +23,667 +102.52
14. Monster World 112,393 +23,043 +25.79
15. Belote 60,797 +16,165 +36.22
16. Bola 522,538 +15,888 +3.14
17. Ocean Party 61,264 +15,372 +33.50
18. Classic Word Games 17,516 +15,247 +671.97
19. Hero World 95,503 +13,773 +16.85
20. Bike Mania 4 Micro Office 66,745 +13,224 +24.71

Like MindJolt, Ninja Saga is a somewhat older game that’s making significant gains. Unfortunately, in absence of the MAU stats, we can’t tell whether this particular game is gaining only DAU, or if it’s suddenly bringing in a rush of new players. The answer is more likely to be new users, though.

Following Saga, we can see several newer games. Nightclub City has been steadily advancing since its release about a month ago, while My Empire is the latest Playfish game, and appears to be doing modestly well. Baking Life, which we just reviewed on Monday, focuses in on the bread-making business; it’s from a small developer called Zip Zap Play.

Moving down past Family Feud, which has been growing for weeks, The Agency: Covert Ops is a new spy game from Sony Online, which has been increasingly active on Facebook this year. Much further down, Monster World, by Wooga, is also worth pointing out. The monster-themed farming game has been helping to prove that fads never die on Facebook; they just need a little sprucing up from time to time.