MindJolt Regains Its Mojo on This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Games by MAU

This week’s list of fastest-gaining games on Facebook by monthly active users is unusual in that it contains a little over two weeks’ growth instead of one, due to a Facebook bug that froze stats reporting for a while. Overall, gains have remained normal, although obviously the below list gives the appearance of a booming week.

MindJolt Games leads off the list. While MAU reporting was down, we saw MindJolt’s DAU gaining significantly; we can now see that the DAU growth indeed tracked with a significant gain in MAU. But for now, the game portal is still slightly short of its numbers earlier this year.

Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. MindJolt Games 16,014,674 +3,055,366 +23.58
2. Nightclub City 2,555,064 +1,577,030 +161.24
3. Family Feud 6,051,862 +1,235,533 +25.65
4. Name Analyzer 1,668,781 +825,429 +97.87
5. My Empire 797,601 +791,760 +13,555.21
6. Bola 3,286,966 +714,444 +27.77
7. Games 2,677,583 +564,207 +26.70
8. Monster World 1,014,358 +558,300 +122.42
9. Kingdoms of Camelot 3,709,340 +525,450 +16.50
10. Ninja Saga 5,336,824 +508,751 +10.54
11. Jungle Life 962,500 +502,097 +109.06
12. Ranch Town 745,818 +448,830 +151.13
13. Jewell Stars 723,370 +436,871 +152.49
14. Ameba Pico 1,646,787 +420,514 +34.29
15. Bike Mania 4 Micro Office 710,543 +419,944 +144.51
16. Collect Roses 1,301,576 +405,710 +45.29
17. Pool Master 1,104,534 +388,189 +54.19
18. Baking Life 452,060 +343,473 +316.31
19. Big City Life 1,749,168 +317,892 +22.21
20. Age of Champions 404,453 +314,474 +349.50

Nightclub City grew significantly during the two week period, breaking out of the ranks of small games and into the big leagues with about 2.5 million MAU. That alone wouldn’t be enough to impress, but the nightclub management game appears to be continuing its robust growth.

Skipping down, My Empire is another newer, smaller game. That may not remain the case for long, though. The Electronic Arts city builder has gained about half a million MAU in the space of a few days, either due to EA’s advertising and cross-promotion power, or players taking notice.

Both Bola, a soccer game by Playdom, and Kingdoms of Camelot, from Watercooler, appear to be plateauing on their way to four million MAU. That’s not unusual, as most popular games stop growing before hitting four or five million users; games that pass that point are still relatively rare, with only 16 registering more than 10 million MAU.

Finally, keep an eye on both Monster World and Jungle Life, which are also of a similar size. By Wooga and Metrogames, respectively, these two titles in the now-traditional farming and pet raising categories are ready to pass a million MAU. Of the two, Monster World appears to have a bit more potential; our review of the game is here.

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