Mini-Podcast 18: Recorded a Podcast Using an iPad

Has it really been over 3 months since I last recorded and posted a podcast? Ack! Well, here’s a mini-podcast to help my podcasting rolling along again in 2010.

The iPad does not come with a voice recorder. This is a surprising and annoying ommision. So, I downloaded the free Voice Memos for iPad app to record this mini-podcast.

There isn’t a way to sync the recorded audio file using iTunes (or anything else I could see). And, I was surprised to see the 99 cent charge to add the feature to email the audio file. However, in a world of $9.99 iPad apps, 99 cents seemed like a reasonable amount to pay for a potentially useful feature. So, I did. In retrospect, I should have used Evernote though 🙂

I used the Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic to record the podcast. Everything was recorded on the left channel. So, I used Audacity to reduce the audio to mono. I’m happy to report that the headphone’s volume controls work on with the iPad. They do not work when used with an iPhone.

– You can listen to the podcast right now from your web browser by using the embedded player above.
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