Minuum: Android’s Smart Keyboard

After a successful run on Indiegogo earlier this year, Whirlscape’s Minuum software keyboard has launched in beta on Android. This beta is available to the 10,000 backers of the Indiegogo project, and Whirlscape is accepting applications for the next beta on its website, Minuum.com.

Minuum is touted as being the same QWERTY keyboard consumers are used to, but greatly scaled down in size. In the video below, the Minuum keyboard is shown to predict words based on the general area of the keyboard that users touched, even if there were misspellings in the process. As users type unusual words, Minuum learns them and is able to predict and auto-complete them when typed in the future.

The software will also predict words that users might wish to enter next, like the word “is” after the word “this” in a sentence, as an example. If nothing else, the Minuum keyboard looks to be an interesting piece of software that will free up a lot of space on Android device screens, but will likely also take some getting used to. The keyboard is expected to launch in full later this year.

[Via TechCrunch]

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