The T Magazine Fun Continues for Miranda July’s Uber Driver

He was her special guest at the party for this weekend's "The Greats" issue.

Towering above a festive T magazine party crowd last night at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood was Oumarou Idrissa. He is… the most interesting Uber driver in Los Angeles at the moment and was dressed to fit that part Thursday, impossible to miss in a resplendent white sports jacket with black bow-tie.

Idrissa gets a lot of ink in this weekend’s T magazine “The Greats” issue piece by Miranda July. It was he who drove July to Malibu to interview Rihanna for the article, and it was Idrissa once again last night who was July’s +1.

Some in the media have complained that when they click into an article about Rihanna, they are not looking to read extensively about the background of an Uber Black driver. But with details like this, it’s easy to understand why moonlighting journalist July was enthralled:

I interviewed Idrissa about how he survived during his first five years in Los Angeles after his student visa had fallen through. He slept in laundromats, sending tiny sums of money back to Niger where his 25 brothers and sisters were starving.

On Instagram, at party’s end, July posted the photo below and wrote: ‘This time when he drove me home, I sat next to him in the front seat and his soccer ball rolled around at my feet. Another Great.’

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