Miso Introduces Social TV With Achievements and Community

Miso is an iPhone/iPad application that brings the now popular check-in model to the television world and allows TV viewers to connect with other viewers around the world. The application allows users to ‘check-in’ to television shows as they watch them, which allows users to let their friends know what they’re watching but also keep track of their own viewing habits. One of the best features here is that you unlock badges for watching specific shows or watching certain combinations of shows.

The application doesn’t just work for television, and you can check-in to a movie as you watch it at the theater, which really gives the application the sense of being your companion for whatever shows you enjoy watching. I personally have always wished I could have a searchable list of all the shows I’ve watched (ideally with ratings, which is something they don’t have on Miso just yet) so I could quickly pull up my favorite action movies of all time. With a younger generation jumping on to these location based services, they’ll be looking for the best service of this type as they grow and have a desire to keep a list of their favorites.

The application is still a bit sparse, and seems a little less involved than the Starling social TV application which we recently covered. That said, Starling was released after Miso and probably drew from the Miso application a lot. The two will probably be fierce competitors. If that’s the case, Miso has a few features that Starling had better match to stay competitive. The Miso home page has a list of every show my friends are watching, and that’s a really awesome feature. Being able to see where my friends have tuned in is an amazing way to pick what to watch at any given time (or during commercials). You can also add your Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare account to share your information on those networks. If you’re interested, take a look at the video below and go download the app.