Mixpanel Adds New Features to Social, Mobile Game Analytics Service

Developer analytics service Mixpanel has added two new features to its platform, allowing website, app, and game developers to gather even more detailed info on their users.

Mixpanel’s analytics platform, currently in use among social game developers like Kabam and high-traffic sites like Dictionary.com, allows developers to drill down into user behavior more thoroughly than most game platforms allow. Developers can use the service to determine who is playing their game for how long in what age and gender demographics. By using a feature called Funnels (similar to the funnel features offered by competitors like Kontagent), developers can zero in on the exact point where players drop-off on their way to some other gameplay goal — like making a purchase.

The newest features in Mixpanel’s platform are Funnel Analysis and Segmentation. The former allows developers to create a funnel in real-time using retroactive data. So, Mixpanel CEO Suhail Doshi explains, if a developer had been sending data through the service two months and just today decided to create a funnel, they could have the analysis created on the fly using data from the past two months. The latter, meanwhile, is a more straightforward add-on feature that allows developers to create multidimensional queries that can examine the intersection of two segments. An example of this feature in action would be determining which users brought a specific virtual item segmented by age and gender.

The new features don’t up the cost of Mixpanel’s platform, which Doshi says averages between $150 and $1600 a month. He adds that the company offers a free version and discount plan for high volume customers.

Mixpanel was founded in summer of 2009. The San Francisco-based company is funded by Sequoia Capital, PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, Bebo co-founder Michael Birch, Square COO Keith Rabois, and Y Combinator. You can find out more about the company on their website.

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