MLB Announces Location-Based Mobile App for Baseball Fans

There’s been a flurry of activity in the mobile space as companies and brands try to figure out how to deliver location-based services to their users. In this spirit, Major League Baseball Advanced media CEO Bob Bowman has announced a location-based application for mobile devices. Focusing on functionality similar to Foursquare, the app will allow baseball fans to check in to baseball games at stadiums and get access to exclusive content, replays and more.

In addition to enjoying replays such as the ‘bang bang play at second base’, users will be able to talk to others in the stadium through a twitter-like communication feature exclusive for the stadium. Usually people at these events are very passionate and eager to discuss so the ability to share that rapidly should yield some amusement.

Sports is definitely a hot arena for location-based apps, and companies are moving in fast. ESPN also recently announced their ESPN Passport app that will allow users to check into sporting events.

By providing compelling and exclusive content and moderated communication features, MLB could see success with this application, giving others competition. The app is due to launch on July 13.

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