MLB: Check In at a Baseball Game on Your Phone, View a Replay

Major League Baseball Advanced media CEO Bob Bowman revealed that the company is working on a location-based mobile application.

Bowman, speaking at Silicon Alley Insider’s Startup 2010 conference said that when users check in, they may get access to exclusive content like replays of close calls (something you won’t see on the stadium jumbotron), as well as the ability to chat and communicate with other fans attending.

The announcement comes just a few days after ESPN announced its own foray into the location-based mobile space. That app, the ESPN Passport, will let users check in to sporting events all over the world, recording and aggregating content submitted by fans online in a virtual “scrapbook.”

Both apps are similar to the hot startup Foursquare, which lets users check in to bars, restaurants and stores. The key for these location-based apps has been giving users a reason to download them and check in. Foursquare awards users badges if they accomplish certain goals, while the upcoming ESPN and MLB apps offer users content that can’t get anywhere else.

One thing is certain, location-based apps are here to stay. And the startups are getting come competition from veteran players.

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