MLK Jr. Memorial Just One Step Away from Starting Construction

At the end of August, we checked in with the ever-stalled Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial project, only to find that it had reached yet another roadblock. Said roadblock that time actually dealt with the lack of roadblocks, with the National Park Service demanding that some sort of terrorist-stopping objects be placed surrounding the planned memorial. At that point, it looked like we were in for another couple of years of stand-still, as nearly everyone involved or had been following its progress had grown used to. But surprise, surprise, just under two months later and the latest updated plans (now with the additional security measures) have been approved. Now just one more hurdle stands in the way before construction can begin: the building permit. Fortunately, it appears as though that will come fairly easily (but we’ve heard that before, haven’t we?). Here’s from the Washington Post:

Peter May, an associate regional director with the Park Service, said the construction permit likely will be issued in a matter of days, after a final review of the building plans. The project also must contribute to the long-term preservation of the $120 million memorial and its site, he said. The project has raised $107 million so far.

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