Mobage Launches in Japan on iOS & Android, API Coming June 15

The mobile social gaming network Mobage, the offspring of DeNA and ngmoco, has finally launched in Japan on April 26 on iOS and Android. Mobage has 20 million users from ngmoco and 25 million users from DeNA, bringing its total starting userbase to over 45 million players. Currently Mobage is in talks with major cell phone manufacturers to OEM its app on their devices.

Mobage allows developers to create applications using the Javascript development framework and integrate social features through the Mobage Social API. The Mobage API is best suited for social game development and adheres to Open Social standards.

So far Mobage has been relatively quiet about their launch, but I expect that they will be one of the largest (if not the largest) mobile social gaming networks, especially given the prominence of DeNA and ngmoco and their strong presence in the Asian markets.

On June 15 Mobage will open up its API to the development community and also plans to launch in the U.S. to rival Papaya & Openfeint.