Mobile App Roundup: Unity, Patents, Samsung Galaxy & More

Unity Technologies Partners with GREE — Unity Technologies has made its way to Japan through a partnership with mobile-social games platform, GREE. Through the partnership, GREE will be allowed to distribute a limited number of licences for the development platform, at no cost, to its Japanese development partners, thus aiding Unity in its expansion into the Japanese gaming market. Unity has also announced the opening of Unity Technologies Japan in Tokyo where it will serve as a sales, localization, and support center.

Microsoft Signs New Patent Deals — Microsoft has signed two new patent deals with ViewSonic and Acer to licence its patents for smartphones and tablets. Microsoft will now receive a licensing fee for each Android device shipped by either manufacturer.

Mobile Payments Infographic — Mobile Payments Today released an infographic summarizing just what mobile payments are. Additionally, it notes that mobile payments, by 2015, will account for anywhere from $670 billion to $1 trillion worth of global transactions.

Amazon Grants Developers Cloud Service Credits — In order to garner further applications for its Amazon App Store, Amazon is giving Android developers that submit an app $50 in credit for its Amazon Web Services suite, reports TechCrunch. Available services include, but are not limited to, Amazon ElastiCache, CloudFront, SimpleDB, Simple Storage Service, and so on.

[Legal] Apple Sues Samsung in Japan — More lawsuits form the Apple vs. Samsung front come out of Japan this week, reports Reuters. The former has filed a suit against Samsung’s Galaxy devices in a Tokyo District Court and seeks to ban sales of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones, and the Galaxy Tab 7 within the country.

[Legal] Samsung Galaxy Ban Remains in Germany —   In another part of the world, a German court has upheld its ban (which was partially lifted a few weeks ago)  of sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany. Tab sales will not be banned in other European Union countries, however, says Bloomberg.

[Legal] Sprint Sues AT&T to Block T-Mobile Merger — More lawsuits arise as Sprint filed a federal lawsuit, in the District of Colombia, to try and block AT&T’s takeover of T-Mobile as a violation of “Section 7 of the Clayton Act.” Sprint litigation VP, Susan Haller states “with today’s legal action, we are continuing that advocacy on behalf of consumers and competition, and expect to contribute our expertise and resources in proving that the proposed transaction is illegal.”

Smozzy Allows Web Access Without Data Plans — TechCrunch came across an interesting Android app by the name of Smozzy that allows users to access the Internet without requiring a data plan. Working only in the U.S. and on T-Mobile phones, the app utilizes SMS to send requests to Smozzy servers, and responses are sent back via MMS. It works virtually the same as a browser, but is a bit slower.

[image via TechCrunch]

[Update] Foursquare Adds New Languages — Foursquare is expanding its userbase. In a recent update, the popular location-based app has added language support for Bahasa Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Thai.

[Launch] SGN Releases Warp Dash — SGN has just released its newest game for iOS, the $0.99 Warp Dash. The futuristic game is dubbed an “endurance racer” in which players rocket down a procedurally changing course for as long as they can using accelerometer controls. A trailer of the game  is available here.

[Launch] Smule Releases MadPad on iOS — Musical iOS game maker Smule has released a new and creative application on iOS called MadPad. $0.99 on iPhone and $2.99 on iPad, the application grants users a means to record everyday sounds and let them remix them via a video soundboard.

[Launch] DJ Game Skills Hits iPad — Another music game hits iOS this week in the form of the $5.99 iPad game, Skillz. The title is developed by Playpen Studios and is a rhythm game in which players mix music on a DJ turntable.

iPhone 5 Production Increases — According to DigitTimes, Taiwanese suppliers are increasing production of new Apple smartphones. OEM maker, Foxconn Electronics, is already, supposedly, producing 150,000 units a day. The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced in late September and available for sale by mid-October.

[Rumor] GameStop to Carry iOS Devices — 9to5Mac is reporting that it has received word, “from several sources,” that retail store GameStop may be offering iOS devices in the near future. Such is likely as GameStop has already begun accepting trade-ins for old iDevices.