Mobile Apps Usage Increased by 35% in 2012

Mobile app users are spending approximately 197 minutes each day on their small, secondary screens on over 250,000 apps – up from 94 minutes the previous year, according to new research from Flurry. Meanwhile, web usage has actually decreased two minutes to 70 minutes per day, while most are still spending three hours each day watching television.

Flurry explains that the shift is due to the interoperability of most apps to fill in the needs of our primary screens – like email, games, and social networking:

In fact, we ultimately expect apps on tablets and smartphones to challenge broadcast television as the dominant channel for media consumption. Compared to the 60-year-old television industry, apps are just over 4 years old.  In particular, tablets will drive growth in app consumption in 2013 as TV-style content and major programming moves to the tablet. Most TV Networks have already adjusted to a dual screen world and are synchronizing their TV content with their tablet app content.

Via Gigaom

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