Mobile, Facebook Game Roundup: Thanksgiving 2015 Edition

We take a look at some of the Thanksgiving-themed content updates available in mobile and Facebook games this year.

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, many mobile and Facebook game developers have added themed updates to their games to celebrate the holiday.

From a Food Fight event in Plants vs. Zombies 2 to the Springfield Fowl Face-Off event in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, there are plenty of Thanksgiving-themed updates to experience in games this month.

Here’s a look at some of the Thanksgiving-themed updates in games on Facebook and mobile devices.

Land Sliders (Free on iOS) – This endless item collection game from Prettygreat has been updated with new collectible characters: a Turkey who wants to collect cranberry sauce, and a Football Player who collects footballs.

Township (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This city-building game from Playrix has received a Thanksgiving event, which allows players to compete in the Farmers Contest. In this event, players will work to grow a giant watermelon by completing orders for their citizens in order to earn fertilizer. The heavier their watermelon becomes, the more prizes players will receive. By growing their watermelon, players will also help the entire player base reach the global event goal and receive a unique holiday decoration. In addition to this event, new holiday decorations have been added to the game’s store. These include an Inflatable Pig, Inflatable Cow and Inflatable Chicken, among others.

Bullet Boy

Bullet Boy (Free on iOS, Android) – From Pomelo Games and Kongregate this puzzle action game has received a ‘Harvest’ content update containing a Thanksgiving-themed mini-world filled with corn, squash and pilgrims. If players can complete the world before the event ends on December 3, they’ll receive a free turkey outfit for their character.

AdVenture Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist (Free on iOS, Android) – On November 25, this clicker or idle game from Hyper Hippo Games and Kongregate will be updated with a ‘Black & Blue Friday’ event, which will see players using the power of the Black & Blue Light Sale to cut costs and maximize profits. Players can earn badges, as well as Mega Bucks and Gold, as they participate in this event. The Black & Blue Friday event will run until midnight on November 30.

Restaurant Story 2 (Free on iOS) – This restaurant simulation game from Storm8 has received a limited time Thanksgiving catering event, which will see players complete orders to win Thanksgiving prizes, including a special customer named Timmy the Turkey, and a special Mini Pumpkin Pies recipe. Players can also win Thanksgiving and harvest-themed tables, chairs and other decorations. This event runs until November 28.

Farm Story 2 (Free on iOS) – This farming game from Storm8 has been updated with a County Fair event, which will see players complete orders to win limited-edition Thanksgiving prizes like the Thankful Cat, Pilgrim Cow, Pilgrim Chicken, Pilgrim Sheep and Pilgrim Pig. This event will be available until November 30.


Fantasy Forest Story (Free on iOS, Android) – From November 24 to November 29, players of this animal breeding and battling game from Storm8 can compete in the ‘Thankfowl Tournament,’ which will see them battle against 30 creatures, including a Stuffin Puffin. The last creature players will face is the Thankfowl (pictured above), and if players can defeat it before the event ends, they can keep the creature for their game.

Castle Story (Free on iOS, Android) – Players of this kingdom-building game from Storm8 can now complete the Dinner Mystery-themed Stage Event, which sees them build a Dinner Mystery Table by collecting special materials which are only available in specific quests. Once the table is complete (it has multiple stages), players can use it as they participate in the game’s second event, the Food Shelter event, which runs from November 26 to November 30. In this event, players will be asked to prepare a Potluck Feast by collecting ‘Offerings.’ Players receive these Offerings from Kitchens after each feast they complete, and can also receive them from the final level of the Dinner Mystery Table. If players can complete the Potluck Feast, they’ll receive the Food Shelter structure, which will give them food items when it’s harvested.

High School Story

High School Story (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – Until December 2, players of this high school simulation game from Pixelberry Studios can complete themed quests like ‘Pumpkin Spice Everything,’ ‘Thanksgiving Parade’ and ‘Black Friday.’ In addition, players’ schools have been updated with a new look for fall, and gamers can purchase new themed outfits for their characters. Finally, a new ‘beanie’ hairstyle has been introduced to match the season’s colder weather.

Hollywood U

Hollywood U: Rising Stars (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This Hollywood-themed college simulation game from Pixelberry Studios has been updated with new fall clothing options, as well as Thanksgiving-themed quests. The first quest, ‘Hungry for Justice,’ is already available in the game, with the Thanksgiving update running until December 2.

Star Wars Force Collection

Star Wars: Force Collection (Free on iOS, Android) – From November 25 to December 2, players who login to this card battle game from Konami will have access to new content, including new five-star cards, special Thanksgiving panel card packs and a Pod Racer 2 in-game event. The five-star cards feature Lando Calrissian and the assassin droid IG-88B, and can be received at random when purchasing packs from the in-game store. Meanwhile, the Thanksgiving card panel features at least one five-star card.


Stormfall: Age of War (Free on Facebook) – From November 26 to December 1, players who have reached at least level five in this strategy game from Plarium will be able to complete a new Thanksgiving quest to receive rewards. All players can also participate in the new Thanksgiving player-vs-player tournament, and will have access to a Thanksgiving discount in the game’s store.

Dinner_of_Doom_logoCrusaders of the Lost Idols (Free on Facebook) – This ‘clicker’ or ‘idle’ game from Codename Entertainment will receive a Thanksgiving event themed around Thanksgiving dinner at Detective Kaine’s house. Players can complete four new objectives in this event, with two of these objectives rewarding users with new Crusaders for their team: RoboTurkey and Momma Kaine.

Airport City

Airport City (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – This airport management and city-building game from Game Insight has been updated with a Thanksgiving Day celebration, which sees players helping stewardess Jane provide dishes and fireworks for guests. Players can also complete new quests surrounding the missing cranberry syrup needed for the Thanksgiving turkey. Finally, players can complete new Thanksgiving collections.

2020 My Country

2020: My Country (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – This city-building game from Game Insight will see players complete new Thanksgiving tasks with John Pilgrim and Tom Turkey. In addition, players will find turkeys running around their friends’ cities, and can catch them when visiting their towns. Elsewhere, the Auburn Turkey statue is available to send to friends as a gift, and players can decorate their town for Thanksgiving with new themed decorations and buildings. If players complete all of the game’s Thanksgiving Day tasks, they’ll earn 50 CountryBucks.

Cloud Raiders

Cloud Raiders (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – In this base-building game from Game Insight, players can now battle the Leftover Legion, led by the Turkinator. A Thanksgiving Chest has also been added to the game, which contains new items, and will be available for a limited time.

The Tribez

The Tribez (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – Players who have reached at least level 10 in this tropical city-building game from Game Insight can participate in the Big Turkey Day event, which allows them to build a new Brazier and Turkey Farm in their town. Each building requires specific materials to construct. After building these objects, players can prepare the turkey and feed their tribe.

Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook) – In this hidden object game from Game Insight, players can complete 20 quests in a new event, and can travel to a new room in the manor.

Sunshine Bay

Sunshine Bay (Free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Facebook) – In this tropical resort-building game from Game Insight, players must find their missing guests in order to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Big Business Deluxe

Big Business Deluxe (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – In this city-building and business management game from Game Insight, players can complete new themed quests, and can fight a Thanksgiving Day boss to receive unique rewards (the boss will be available for 10 days). The game has also been updated with special event chests.

Paradise Island (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This tropical resort-building game from Game Insight has received a new event which challenges players to feed hungry tourists at their resort. As part of this event, players have access to new buildings, decorations, scrolls and more. The game has also received new achievements.

Paradise Island 2

Paradise Island 2 (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows PhoneFacebook) – Game Insight’s sequel to the original Paradise Island has received new buildings and themed events, as well as a new mini-game and new achievements.

Love and Dragons

Love and Dragons (Free on iPad) – In this hidden object game from Game Insight, players can explore three new locations for Thanksgiving. One contains turkeys which have spawned following a failed experiment with a giant turkey, while another contains a machine for automated crop gathering. The final location features a ship named the ‘Dayflower,’ and its hostile leader, Captain Jones. Players can complete new quests and collections as part of this update.

Build a Kingdom

Build a Kingdom (Free on iOS, Android, Facebook) – In this medieval city-building game from Game Insight, players can complete new quests and access a new dungeon as part of a turkey-themed event.

Game of Dice (Free on iOS, Android) – From November 25 to November 26, this Monopoly-style digital board game from Joycity will receive a Thanksgiving event, allowing players to earn a reward when they conquer the ‘Golden Ox’ tile on the board. This tile increases the tolls on player-owner properties. The event’s rewards include ‘takeover’ items, premium character tickets, premium skill card tickets and more.

Kung Fu Pets

Kung Fu Pets (Free on iOS, Android) – Until November 29, players of this pet simulation and breeding game from Com2uS can complete new tasks at the Thanksgiving Mission Island to receive two special edition pets: Pie Turkey and Farm Girl Scarecrow. This update also includes a new Thanksgiving Habitat for earth element pets. In addition, players can decorate their islands with cranberry bushes and pumpkin karts, which are available at a discounted price through the end of November.