Mobile Game Developers! You Could Win $10,000

Hey game developers!  If you’ve got a great idea for a new mobile game you could win up to $10,000 in the GameCast 2011 Contest, hosted by MoMinis, a cross-platform mobile gaming solution for developers.  How does the contest work?  It’s simple.  Just build your mobile game using the MoMinis Studio and you could win up to $10,000 and a distribution deal with GetJar.  Read on to learn more.

The GameCast contest, which just launched this week, is looking for creative developers to build original and addictive games using the MoMinis studio.  If you aren’t familiar with the MoMinis Studio, it’s a new free platform for developers that makes it easy to create cross platform games.

According to a contest Press Release, “MoMinis Studio is a RAD (rapid application development) tool that alleviates mobile fragmentation problems by being agnostic to any specific platform or device.  As a wholly cross platform solution, games developed using The MoMinis Studio instantly operate on hundreds of mobile devices across multiple platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian and J2ME.  MoMinis also distributes games to global audiences using its global distribution partners such as mobile operators and publishers and shares revenue with developers.  Key partners include NTT DoCoMo, Verizon, Telefonica, Orange, Turkcell and Vodafone.”  You can check out the studio at and watch the video below to find out more.

Want to enter the contest?  Submit a rough draft explaining the concept of your mobile game or show the video in action with a home-video and submit it by May 20, 2011 from the GameCast contest website.  The final draft of your game must be submitted by July 10 in the form of a MoMinis original game file.  The finalists will be announced shortly thereafter on July 12 and the winners will be announced on July 18.  The prizes are as follows:

  • First Place – $10,000 and a promotional deal with GetJar
  • Second Place – $3,000
  • Third Place – $2,000

The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges including renowned figures in the world of mobile gaming from GameDuel, GetJar, SlideMe and MoMinis.  Eyal Rabinovich, VP of Community and Content at MoMinis says, “The bottom line is that we are looking for innovation.  We see a lot of fresh games developed for super high end devices.  We would like to bring the same creativity to all our platforms and devices.  The money is there.  Developers only need to grab it.”

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