Mobile Game Roundup: Clue Bingo, Trivia Crack Kingdoms and More

We take a look at some of the mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend? You’re in luck, as this week was a big one for mobile releases, starting with EA’s Minions Paradise. Created in partnership with Illumination Entertainment and Universal Partnerships & Licensing, the game is a tropical city-building title starring the popular Minions characters from Despicable Me.

Telltale Games also released the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode on mobile devices. Episode 1: The Order of the Stone introduces players to Jesse and his/her friends, who must embark on a journey to save the world.

Elsewhere, Disney Interactive released its newest title, a match-three puzzle game called Disney Dream Treats, which takes players to restaurants from real world Disney Parks and Resorts. The game was created with Crazy Kitchen company Zindagi Games.

Finally, Rovio released its newest puzzle game, Love Rocks, which was created in partnership with musician Shakira.

Looking for a different game to try? Here’s a look at some additional mobile games released this week.

Clue Bingo (Free on iOS, Android) – Clue Bingo is the second game released as part of Storm8’s partnership with Hasbro, following Monopoly Bingo. Based on the classic Clue board game, Clue Bingo sees players traveling through the rooms of the mansion while interacting with characters from the board game, like Colonel Mustard and Mrs. Peacock. Players spend dice to purchase up to eight Bingo cards per game, with players receiving free dice automatically over time. Dice are also available to purchase with premium currency. During each game, players daub their Bingo cards as in a traditional game of Bingo, and can activate power-ups via a meter which fills as they daub numbers. As players complete games, they’ll receive collectible items relating to each room in the house. When they complete a collection, gamers will receive more free dice each day to continue playing. In addition to standard Bingo rooms, players can access special rooms in the Bath and Armory, which offer unique rules. Elsewhere, the Trophy Room allows players to compete against friends in a tournament style. Finally, the game offers weekly special events, like murder mystery puzzles and Bingo games based on Hangman-style word puzzles.

Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy (Free to try, $2.99 full game unlock on Android, Amazon) – Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy is a hidden object adventure game from G5 Entertainment and Orchid Games. First released on iOS last spring, the game asks players to help a young archaeologist save the world as an ancient prophecy dealing with a demon and a comet hiding in the shadow of the moon reaches fulfillment. Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy features 50 locations and scenes to explore and complete, as well as 22 mini-games to play throughout the story. Gamers can unlock 19 achievements as they play. The full game unlock price for Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy will increase to $4.99 after October 16, 2015.

NBA 2K16 ($7.99 on iOS, Android) – From 2K and Visual Concepts, this latest installment in the basketball franchise features complete MyCAREER, Blacktop and Season modes, with updated player rosters and additional ways to earn virtual currency. From a technical standpoint, the game promises improved graphics and game performance, as well as new controls for a better mobile gameplay experience. The game also supports Bluetooth controllers on iOS, with controller support coming soon to Android.

Avalon Legends (Free on iOS, Android) – From game developer Swan Interactive and publisher Kick9, Avalon Legends is an action role-playing game, allowing gamers to choose one of five characters and take them into battle against the forces of the evil sorceress Morgana. In each level-based campaign mission, players tap on the ground to move, tap on enemies to attack and tap special skill buttons in the corner of the screen to unleash special abilities. Gamers also have the option of turning on auto-play for levels, and replaying levels on higher difficulties. Over time, players will complete quests and collect new gear and weapons for their hero. Players can also upgrade their hero’s skills and overall stats, and can raise a pet to fight alongside their hero. In addition to a single-player campaign mode, multiplayer features, like guilds and competitive arenas, are also available.

Seven Knights (Free on iOS, Android) – From Netmarble Games, Seven Knights is an RPG following the story of Evan and Karin who must save the land of Ladenberg from evil. The game’s level-based campaign mode offers automatic battles, with the player’s party of up to five team members automatically attacking enemies. Each hero may have special abilities that can be activated by tapping ability buttons in the corner of the screen, or players can turn on ‘auto skill’ to allow heroes to activate their skills automatically. As players complete battles, they may earn extra heroes for their team (the game has over 230 collectible heroes), and can use any of their lesser heroes as fusion materials to upgrade those team members they’d like to keep. Players will also collect new gear for their team as they progress. In addition to the standard campaign mode, players will eventually unlock a single-player Celestial Tower mode, which offers 60 floors of battles players can clear as they become stronger. Seven Knights also offers a multiplayer Battle Arena mode, daily dungeons and a raid mode. Finally, a guild-based Castle Crush mode allows guilds to fight against one another.

Game of Dice (Free on iOS, Android) – From Joycity, this Monopoly-style digital board game sees players rolling the dice to travel around a game board filled with cities and vacation spots (think railroads in Monopoly). If players are the first to land on a city or vacation spot, they automatically claim it for free, and will collect taxes from any other players who land on that spot. As players make their way around the board, the values of their owned properties increase, and they’ll collect more in taxes as other players land on their spaces. Gamers also have the chance to land on the Golden Ox space, which increases their property values even more, but only until another player lands on the space and claims the bonus for themselves. If players land on their own property, they can invest some of their currency as a ‘bet’ on the property, increasing the amount of currency they’ll receive if another player lands on the space. Gamers also have access to 65 different ability cards, which can help them take over unclaimed cities, randomly move around the board and more. Gamers start each game with three cards, and will earn another card after every four turns. Game of Dice offers single-player practice games, as well as real-time multiplayer games against other players.

Heroes Never Die (Free on iOS) – From iDreamSky Technology Limited, Heroes Never Die is a tower defense game, challenging players to save the world from darkness. The game features three heroes, an Arcane Archer, Ancient Barbarian and Fire Master, each with different stats (the Fire Master is unlocked by logging into the game for more than three days). During each wave-based battle, players can move their hero around the stage using a virtual joystick, and activate their special skills using buttons in the corner of the screen. Players can construct a variety of towers and traps along the path, which automatically attack nearby enemies (the player’s hero will also automatically attack when a skill isn’t being used). As gamers progress, they’ll collect new weapons and gear for their hero, which can be equipped between battles. Users can complete quests and achievements to earn free currency, and can spend their coins on upgrades for their towers and traps. These towers and traps can eventually be evolved to make them even stronger. On top of completing single-player campaign levels, gamers will eventually unlock endless and boss gameplay modes. Heroes Never Die is free to download for a limited time, and will become a paid game after this free promotional period.

Downwell ($2.99 on iOS) – From developer Ojiro Fumoto and publisher Devolver Digital, Downwell is a vertical shooter, challenging players to clear levels by traveling down the screen (and down the well), using buttons for left and right movement, as well as jumping. While in the air (either jumping or falling), players can tap the jump button again to fire their gun boots at enemies below them. Boots have limited ammo, which recharges when not in use. Players will collect red gems as they progress, which can be spent on upgrades like extra health in the shops they may find while falling. Gamers can also find different kinds of gun boots while playing.

Super Barista

Super Barista ($1.99 on iOS) – From the Appnormals Team and Balloon 27, Super Barista is similar to a tower defense game, and asks players to serve coffee to customers in outer space using drones. In each level, customers move along conveyor belts, and players must attract them to tables along the path before they reach the red tile at the end of the belt. Like towers in a tower defense game, players must construct these tables at set points along the path. Once a customer reaches an empty table, it will leave the path automatically and wait for their order. Players must prepare one of several coffee drinks and launch their drones to serve the customer, with each variety of customer having a favorite drink and a personality type (for instance, one may have less patience than the rest, and should be served faster than other customers). If players serve the wrong drink(s), they may need to serve an additional drink before the customer will actually leave and free the table for the next guest. Each stage offers three difficulty levels, but players must clear a stage on a lower difficulty before trying a harder option.

League of Stickmen ($0.99 on iOS) – From publisher Yodo1, League of Stickmen is an side-scrolling hack-n-slash RPG, challenging players to complete levels by defeating enemies using basic and special attacks. Players control their hero using movement buttons on the left side of the screen, and can attack using a standard attack or special ability buttons on the right. Each special ability takes time to recharge. In between battles, players can purchase new heroes, with eight characters available at launch (each with different abilities). New characters will be added in the future. Users can take up to three characters into each single-player level, and can swap their active hero using a button in the corner of the screen. Any secondary heroes will attack nearby enemies automatically. Gamers will collect new weapons or equipment for their characters as they progress, and can spend currency to upgrade these items to increase their stats. In addition to a single-player mode, two players can work together via local multiplayer. League of Stickmen was originally developed by DreamSky, and was released on Android in June. However, this iOS game is a redesigned version of the title created to appeal to ‘a more global audience.’ League of Stickmen is coming soon to Windows Phone.

The Beautiful Dream (Free on iOS) – From NetEase Games, The Beautiful Dream is a puzzle game based on the Chinese love story The Peony Pavilion. In the game, players complete stages by picking up colors from the environment and placing them elsewhere to open a path to progress. Stages may also contain short mini-games which must be played before moving on. While the game is currently free to download, the price will increase to $0.99 after this promotional period ends.

City Monkey: Online Battle (Free on iOS, Android) – From developer Vincent Huss and App Anonyme, City Monkey: Online Battle is a turn-based online multiplayer battle game, challenging players to defeat their opponents using a variety of weapons. Players aim by dragging their finger across the screen to move their aiming line, and fire by holding their finger on the screen to first charge their shot before letting go. The longer they charge the shot, the farther or higher it may fly, depending on the trajectory. Gamers must keep track of the wind, which may impact their shot’s flight in the air. The first player to defeat their enemy wins the game, as well as coins which can be used to purchase additional weapons, costumes for their monkey or upgrades for their garden. The garden is used to earn new weapons each day. City Monkey: Online Battle is also available to play for free on Facebook.

Robert’s Run (Free on iOS, Android) – From developer David Draper and Xenolupus, Robert’s Run is a tube-running game offering 15 increasingly difficult levels. In each stage, players tap on the left and right buttons to move Robert the robot left and right around the tube to avoid obstacles. Players can tap or double tap to jump over obstacles, and will collect currency as they run. Gamers have a limited number of batteries, or health points, available, and can collect extra batteries scattered along the path. When players run out of health, they can spend currency to keep playing. Users carry their total earned currency across games.

I Love Potatoes (Free on iOS, Android) – From the National Film Board of Canada and Minority Media, this children’s game is for players aged 9-12, and introduces users to issues surrounding social innovation and sustainable economy. In the game, players take on the role of Chips, who lives in a world where potatoes are the fundamental resource of his world’s economy. When players encounter a potato shortage, they must find ‘innovative solutions’ to help their community survive. The game is also available to play on the Web.

Nonsense Fall (Free on iOS, Android) – From Ketchapp and Mirror, Nonsense Fall is an endless survival game, challenging players to help their character survive by running back an forth across the screen while avoiding obstacles coming from the sky. The character runs automatically, leaving users to tap on the screen to quickly dash forward to avoid things like lasers and missiles. Players can collect money which appears while playing, and can spend this cash on new playable characters. Players will also occasionally receive offers for free cash, which can be earned by watching video ads.

Hoshi Eleven (Free on iOS, Android) – From Genera Games, Hoshi Eleven is a soccer-themed match-three puzzle game. In each turn-based game, players make matches with three kinds of gems relating to defense, control and attack, as well as normal soccer ball symbols, which relate to shots on the goal. At the end of each turn, the game calculates the value of the play; when both players have taken a turn, the resulting values are compared and and the ball moves toward one of the goals. On each turn, players are encouraged to create matches with specific colors or kinds of gems, which are worth more points on that turn, depending on the soccer game’s current conditions. In between matches, players can edit their team, choosing up to three players to take into each match against the opposing team. Players can spend currency to upgrade their characters and make them stronger. After each match, athletes become tired and must rest before they’re used in another game. Gamers have a limited number of energy drinks which can be used to skip this resting time, but will earn more while playing. Users can purchase additional athletes using premium currency. In addition to the single-player campaign mode, Hoshi Eleven offers time-limited multiplayer events.

Viva Sancho Villa ($3.99 on iOS, Android) – From developer 2DNutz and publisher Gameblyr, Viva Sancho Villa is a side-scrolling platformer inspired by Mexican art, history and folklore. In the game, players become Sancho Villa, and will complete levels by swiping on the left and right sides of the screen to jump over obstacles, slide down hills, attack enemies with a machete, and so on. Players can earn three medals in each stage: one for collecting the coins scattered along the path, another for defeating enemies and a final medal for completing the level’s special objective, like defeating a large number of enemies with the machete, for instance. Gamers must collect these medals in bulk to unlock additional worlds in the game.

To The Bottom (Free on iOS) – From developer Anders Møller and publisher Thumbspire, To The Bottom challenges players to help their character travel down a vertical line as long as possible while avoiding spikes. Players tap on the screen to move their character to the other side of the line, and can collect green orbs as they play. These orbs are used to purchase additional playable characters in the game’s store. In addition to the basic adventure mode, players can try an endless mode and an ‘evil’ mode which increases the difficulty.

Run Mo Run! (Free on iOS, Android) – From the Movember Foundation, Run Mo Run is a level-based side-scrolling running game, challenging players to tap on the screen to jump over obstacles and enemies while collecting coins. While running, players can also jump on ‘bros’ to turn them into ‘Mo Bros,’ which gives them a mustache. As players progress, they will reach checkpoints on the path (which save their progress and collected coins), but must watch video ads to unlock them. Gamers aren’t required to watch ads, but the connected checkpoint will remain inactive, forcing players to start over from the beginning (or their last activated checkpoint) if they fail later on. Coins are spent on power-ups like coin magnets and shields before each stage begins. When gamers complete each stage on the normal difficulty, they can replay the stage on a harder difficulty, which doubles the coins players earn while running, but removes some of the stage’s checkpoints. Proceeds from the game’s in-app purchases (which include a coin doubler and ad remover, as examples) will benefit the men’s health charities supported by the Movember Foundation.

Goosebumps: Night of Scares ($4.99 on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From animator and game developer Cosmic Forces, in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Scholastic (and developed with Free Range Games), Goosebumps: Night of Scares is based on the new Goosebumps film. The game challenges players to explore R.L. Stine’s haunted house from the film while collecting pages from his books. The game offers three control schemes. By default, users tap on the ground to move, and tap on icons to interact with objects. Another option allows players to move their device to progress, instead of tapping on the screen. Finally, the game supports compatible virtual reality devices. While playing, gamers will need to avoid enemies and hide in their environment until its safe to move on.

Trivia Crack Kingdoms

Trivia Crack Kingdoms (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – The sequel to the original Trivia Crack, Trivia Crack Kingdoms from Etermax allows gamers to challenge their friends and other players to trivia games based on individual topics and ‘channels.’ These channels may be as broad as ‘art’ and ‘entertainment,’ or focus on a specific television show, musician or writer, as examples. In each game, players tap on boxes to answer trivia questions with the goal of collecting five crowns to win the game. Crowns are earned by finding the king in one box per round, and correctly answering his question. When players miss a question, their opponent earns a turn. Users can spend coins, the game’s currency, on power-ups to help them answer questions, or skip them entirely. For additional social features, players can chat with their friends who also play the game, and can view their friends’ gameplay stats and achievements on their profiles.