Mobile Game Roundup: Glitch Fixers, Sticky Space and More

Here's a look at some of the mobile games that were released this week.

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? If so, there are lots of new options for you to try, including Colt Express from Asmodee Digital and Frima Studio. The board game is the digital version of the real-world Colt Express board game created by Ludonaute, and it allows users to become train robbers in the Wild West.

Next, Fingersoft launched Hill Climb Racing 2 on Android. The racing game allows users to compete in single-player races and asynchronous multiplayer races.

Elsewhere, Plarium released Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare this week. The base-building strategy game allows each user to build a base and recruit an army in the failed state of Selva de Fuego.

Finally, Capcom launched Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The game allows users to become defense attorney Apollo Justice and investigate crime scenes, examine evidence and more before heading into the courtroom to prove their clients’ innocence.

If you’re looking for a different game to play, here’s a look at some of the additional mobile games that were released this week.

Glitch Fixers (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This level-based puzzle game from Cartoon Network stars the Powerpuff Girls, and it was designed to help children understand coding. In the game, Bubbles sends Blossom and Buttercup into the internet, which is being attacked by the evil Ameoba Boys. Players will need to help Blossom and Buttercup defeat a variety of enemies to save the internet. In each level, players will input commands for actions such as walking and attacking, and when they run their commands, Blossom or Buttercup will carry out the actions. Players will earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their performance.

Spirit Run: Multiplayer Battle (Free on Android) – This multiplayer racing game from RetroStyle Games allows users to race against other players in side-scrolling environments. During races, users can access a variety of weapons and bonuses, such as lightning, tornadoes and speed boosters. The game includes dozens of playable characters, and users can customize each character’s appearance with a variety of skins. In addition to playing in multiplayer races, users can practice against bots in an offline mode.

Spaceship Battles (Free on iOS, Android) – This spaceship building game from HeroCraft and Epic Owl is a re-release of Epic Owl’s Starside Arena, which is no longer available to download. In the game, players will build spaceships that they can take into battle against other players. Users can equip each ship with a variety of modules that contain items like engines and weapons. For this new release, HeroCraft said it improved the game’s in-game and promotional art, improved the in-game balance, optimized the user experience and added “a few key Google Play features.” HeroCraft also localized the game into five languages.

Mo N Ki World Dash (Free on Android) – This running game from Worldoo, in association with UnderDOGS, was designed to help users learn while playing. In the game, users are challenged to survive while running on streets filled with vehicles, barriers and other obstacles. The game’s story takes players on a trip around the world, and it includes 50 levels to complete. Users can also play in an endless mode. As users play, they will be presented with trivia and facts that will allow them to learn about different places around the world.

Xnooker (Free on iOS, Android) – This marble-shooting puzzle game from SoulGame Entertainment challenges users to destroy the monsters in each stage by shooting a marble around the board. In each level, players can drag an aiming line around the board to prepare their shots. When they’re ready, players can tap and hold on a firing button to charge their shots, and release the button to launch their marbles. As users complete stages, they will earn currency that can be spent on new marbles. Xnooker includes more than 200 stages to complete, and it also includes an endless mode.

Sticky Space (Free on iOS) – This arcade game from Gnarcade challenges users to help an astronaut with sticky boots move between asteroids in space. As their current asteroid rotates in a circle, players must tap at the right time to launch the astronaut toward the next asteroid in the environment. The game or level will end if players send the astronaut off of the screen. Users must also watch out for obstacles in the environment as they play. Sticky Space includes 50 levels to complete, and it also includes an endless survival mode.

In addition to these new releases, OWN Digital and RED Games released Bold Moves for free on Android. The game was previously released for free on iOS.

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